Tetra West Technology

Cell Phone Charging Stations

Available for Rental

Tetrawest Technology donated the use of 66 solar-powered cell phone charging stations during the 2014 BP MS150 bike tour overnight stay in La Grange. The systems were capable of charging over 5000 devices!  They run entirely on solar power during sunlight hours and automatically switch to battery power once the sun sets.

Smalls Systems each capable of charging 4 devices simultaneously, up to 40 cell phones

Medium Systems are capable of charging 27 cell phones at a time and up to 200 cell phones

Large Systems are capable of charging 54 cell phones at a time and up to 500 cell phones! 

These charging stations are modified Tetrawest’s industrial modular solar panel systems used for off-shore and on-shore applications. Tetrawest company owner James Tomlinson has ridden in the BP MS150 for 7 years..