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Cell Phone Charging System MS150 Details

We accept checks and cash for renting the systems. We are not presently setup for credit cards, but we can accept a PayPal Payment. We must charge sales tax.


If you have not specifically requested stations, or are unsure, please send me your team size. When “counting” do not forget your volunteers. The two large systems are presently rented (Saint Arnolds & Houstonian). The Medium systems are allocated to those who expressed interest, but none are presently reserved. Over 30 small systems are available, with 10 presently reserved or allocated. We can assemble more if needed.


These cell phone systems are a combination of Solar Power and Battery storage. During the daytime, the sun charges your devices. At night, the battery takes over.


Each system has several car charger style outlets (cigarette lighter) either with integral USB outlet or with a dual outlet charger provided. Output is 1 Amp/2 Amp USB. They are designed to charge iPhones and iPads, but will charge anything with a USB charging cord. The small stations are not really setup to power devices other than cell phones. They CAN, but you are using up the power for other uses. Maximum draw allowed is 15 amps. Medium/Large systems will have no problem being used for any device which will work with a cigarette lighter outlet.


Riders and volunteers must provide their own USB phone charging cable. There are many types (Old iPhone, new iPhone, mini-USB, micro-USB, etc.) that it is best if the riders have their own. For La Grange, they can simply pack one with their sleeping bag/change of clothes.

See the linked brochure


3 Models of charging Stations


Small, 20-40 devices, up to 25 riders, 4 devices at a time, 2 Car Charger outlets

Medium, 150-300 devices, up to 150 riders, 27 devices at a time, 3 Car Charger outlets with 3 extensions with 4 outlets each

Large, 450-900 devices, up to 500 riders, 54 devices at a time, 6 Car Charger outlets with 6 extensions with 4 outlets each


The “rating” is based on the battery power.


                                Regular Price                   For MS150 teams (with sales tax)

Small                    – $  99/week                      $  75/week ($81.19) (More than 20 available)

Medium               – $499/week                     $300/week  ($324.75)

Large                     – $999/week                     $600/week ($649.50) (Presently all are rented)


Small       Box 10”x8”x6” (15 lbs), with a 30 Watt Solar Panel (18” x 24”)

Medium Box 24”x18”x8” (90 lbs), with a 235 Watt Solar Panel (66” x 33”)

Large      Box 24”x18”x8” (20 lbs), with a 235 Watt Solar Panel (66” x 33”), external battery weighs 150 lbs.                

Pickup is April 13th through April 16th.  Drop off is the week following the MS150.


Units not returned that week will incur additional charges. Units not returned will be billed at full sale price.


Of course a team can rent more than one station or even more than one type. The systems will work anywhere and need no external power. As long as it is sunny, the solar panel should handle the charging. When it is very cloudy or at night, the internal battery provides the power for the system. The provided solar panel should be pointed south, not shaded and tilted to about 30 degrees (leaned against something!). My suggestion is to provide a table for the internal unit against the south side of your tent. Run the cables to the Solar Panel which will need to be outside the tent.

Pickup location 11875 W. Little York Rd - STE 1105, Houston TX 77041 - Reserve line 713-849-3881