Tetra West Technology

About Us

Tetrawest Technology was founded in 2006 with primary focus on providing specialty metals, equipment and design to companies in US and Mexico.   The business has recently expanded with two additional areas of focus – industrial solar powered equipment (Tetrawest Solar) and development of microturbine packages for small business applications (Tetrawest Power).

James Tomlinson - Owner Tetrawest Technology, former Project Manager with Cameron, Solar Turbines and General Electric.  Extensive experience in large steam and gas turbines with particular expertise in system design and controls.

Margarita Tomlinson - Co-owner Tetrawest Technology, 25 years of experience in Industrial Sourcing, Metals and specialty metals and exportation.

Leroy Tomlinson – Retired Senior Engineering Manager and Chief Engineer from General Electric.  Industry leader in Combined Cycle design with over 50 years of experience in the field.   Holder of 27 patents in the areas of combined cycle design and industrial gas turbine technology.

Jayne O’Brien – President Tetrawest Power - Recently retired as Director of Program Management for United Technologies’ Auxiliary Power Unit division.  30 years experience in small gas turbines, as both a technical and business leader within the aviation industry.