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Packaged Power

Starting from $9975.00

Mi-Grid 500 1000 solar engine generator battery
Mi-Grid 500/1000

What is Mi-Grid?

  • Mi-Grid systems are on grid/off grid Power Systems.

  • They are pre-packaged power systems which combine renewables (Solar/Wind) with a backup generator and battery storage systems. It is the center of your power. Simply your own personal grid.

  • At the heart is an inverter and control system which can take energy from many sources. It decides which source(s) provide the least expensive power and utilize that first.

  • A Battery package stores excess power until needed. The batteries are sized to allows overnight operation without using the generator. Everyone needs a good nights sleep, which is a lot easier without a generator making noise.

  • Solar PV and Wind power are the primary sources of energy. An auto-starting generator comes on base for security. Under normal circumstances, the generator provides less than 20% of power. 

  • Mi-Grid is packaged for ease of transport and installation. This minimizes both installation time and cost. And with a full factory test, it works the first time and every time.

  • The smaller systems have the foot print of a standard shipping pallet. The larger commercial systems match the size and shape of standard shipping containers.

Mi-Grid 2000 4000 solar engine generator battery
Mi-Grid 2000/4000

Mi-Grid Features

Primary Solar Generation

  • Eligible for federal tax credits through 2016
  • DC Solar Input - Prime Power Source

Generator Back-up

  • Natural Gas/Propane, - Diesel in 2016
  • Multiple fuel options

Battery System

  • Stores energy from all sources
  • Allows overnight quiet hours
  • Optimizes power production
  • Choose from economical AGM or long life Lithum in 2016

Integrated Control System

  • Optimized to Minimize demand from Grid/Generator
  • Provides capability for remote monitoring

AC Grid input

  • Multi Power input
  • Use of Grid Power, Off Peak pricing
  • Grid Tied and/or Off Grid

Power Diagram
Mi-Grid Daily Cycle
Now including the Mi-Grid 250, a system sized for RVs! LiFePo4 battery systems available by 2016.

Mi- Grid unit chart pricing 250 500 1000 2000 4000
Technical Data