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Tetrawest Technology offers sourcing and engineer solutions to your needs. Not simply a broker, we review your specifications. Then our team offers you competative prices along with alternatives. A simple change in materials, shape or manufacturer could save you $$$.

Pre-packaged solar solutions for Industrial and commercial. On-shore and off-shore along with standard industrial and Hazardous Area (Class 1&2, Div 2). Focused to save money vs. fuel based or wired solutions.

Available through
C1D1 C1D2 C2D1
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Hybrid Solar Energy Systems
Combines Solar PV power with energy management, battery storage and a generator. Provides reliable renewable power day or night, rain or shine. Never lose power.
Applications for:
Off-Grid (House - Business - Micro-Grid)
Mobile (RV - Gourmet Food Truck)
Off-Shore Power (Mobile - Fixed platforms)
Tetra West Solar website http://www.tetrawestsolar.com/

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Briggs&Stratton/GE Generators
Tetra West is a Dealer for Briggs&Stratton / GE Generators. 8kW to 60kW, Single Phase and Three Phase, Natural Gas or Propane

US 2014/0285123 Al

Patent Application Publication


James Tomlinson

(10) Pub. No.: US 2014/0285123 Al

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Combined Power and Heat solutions. Focused on the system design and packaging for mobile and fixed installations. These are not standby units. They are prime continuous power. Exhuast heat is turned into useful products such as hot water or steam. For most of the country, fuel cost for power production is below the price to puchase power.